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Vocal Projection & a tip from Jessie J

Speech Delivery Pro - Vocal Projection
What Are Some Great Vocal Projection Tips?

Do you want to be heard, when you give a speech but conclude that no one is listening? Is it because you haven't yet worked out how to project your voice in a way that commands attention?

Today I'm going to be looking at three techniques that you can use to ensure your audience hears you. Check these out in today's blog!

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Body Language – Breaking The Rules!

Body Language
What Body Language Rules Should You Keep  & Which Should You Break?

Most Toastmasters members will be given the same body language recommendations, but are these always appropriate and why do so many of the professional speakers break them?

I'll look a highly successful professional speaker who doesn't always follow the tried and tested rules of body language when giving a speech. Why is he able to do this? Read today's blog and find out!

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