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Get To The Point, Please! Toastmasters Speech

Get To The Point
Why Give The "Get to The Point" Toastmasters Speech?

All speeches must have a purpose. After all, that is the point of your address. The audience has given up their valuable time to listen to you speak. What is in it for the listeners? What will they learn? What elements will be of use to them after hearing the speech? How can they apply it in their lives?

Read on to discover ways of ensuring you get to the point quickly in your speeches, so you don't bore your audience!​

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Toastmasters “Organize Your Speech” – How?

Organize Your Speech
Why Do You Add Structure To Your Speeches?

Our brains love structure, and we accept new ideas when presented within a framework that is familiar to us. But what structures are the quickest to learn, and the most efficient at getting results?

Want to discover some simple structures that enable your listeners to buy into your presentation quickly? Read today's blog to help you decide on the right structure for your speech!

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Toastmasters – Ice Breaker Speech – Why?

Ice Breaker
Is Toastmasters Right for You?

So you've decided you want to become better at public speaking. What options are available to you? How are you going to ensure that you leave your audience with a feeling of "Wow" when you exit the stage? What is the quickest way of improving your public speaking ability?

Is it right for you? How could you benefit from being a member?

The potential benefits of Toastmasters are numerous. Read today's blog post to help you decide if Toastmasters if right for you!

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