Toastmasters – Ice Breaker Speech – Why?

Is Toastmasters Right for You?

So you've decided you want to become better at public speaking. What options are available to you? How are you going to ensure that you leave your audience with a feeling of "Wow" when you exit the stage? What is the quickest way of improving your public speaking ability?

Is it right for you? How could you benefit from being a member?

The potential benefits of Toastmasters are numerous. Read today's blog post to help you decide if Toastmasters if right for you!


What is the Toastmasters Speech 1 - Ice Breaker speech?

Every time you attend a Toastmasters meeting, there is the opportunity for you to practice your speaking skills. 

There are two main tracks you can follow:

  • Communication
  • Leadership

Over the next few weeks, I'll be reviewing the first six speeches from the Competent Communicator manual, on the Communication Track.

The Ice Breaker speech is the first speech from the Competent Communicator manual.

The Toastmasters Ice Breaker speech is an opportunity for you to speak in front of an audience for the first time while allowing the audience to learn something about you.​

Why Should I Give The Ice Breaker Speech?

The audience wants to learn something about you, and the Ice Breaker speech is the perfect way of informing them.

The Ice Breaker speech is easy to put together, as the only research involved is deciding what elements of your life you want to convey to people. As the speech is all about you, it should be easy to remember, and no-one is going to question you on the content, as only you know if it's true or not.

We already know that you want to be a better speaker, so tell us something we don’t know about you.

What Subject Could I Choose?

Pick 1 - 3 key moments in your life that gives the audience the essence of who you are


  • The day I graduated as a doctor
  • How I gave up smoking and why
  • The best holiday of my life
  • My Mother-in-Law changed my life
  • Lessons learned and ignored
What Structure Could I Use?

Keep it simple for your first speech. Here are a few simple structures you can use:

  • Basic Structure
    • Opening - Why are you telling us this story?
    • Body - A story
    • Conclusion - How did this impact your life and how can the audience learn from your experience?
  • Key Event Structure
    • Opening - as above
    • Body
      1. Life before the event
      2. The moment - and how you felt
      3. Life after the event
    • Conclusion - as above
  • Story Structure
    • Opening - as above
    • Body
      1. Story 1
      2. Story 2
      3. Story 3
    • Conclusion - as above
How Can I Make This Different And Creative?

If it's a personal story, it will be different to anything we've heard before. If you want to do something a little different pick three objects that are important to you in your life and talk about them.

Similarly, you could talk about three books that have meant a lot to you in some way.

Be bold, creative and change lives through the power of your public speaking!

How Do I Rate the Ice Breaker Speech As A Tool To Improve Your Public Speaking?

I believe that the Ice Breaker speech is a great way for you to overcome your public speaking nerves in an encouraging environment, while gaining valuable feedback for your next speech.

One of the joys of being a member of Toastmasters is seeing new members give their Ice Breaker speech.  Mentoring new members and then seeing them give high quality speeches is a wonderful experience.

Maybe it's time for you to join a Toastmasters club!

What Toastmasters Clubs Am I Currently A Member Of?

Competitive Speakers Perth - Subiaco, Western Australia

Sandgroper - North Beach, Western Australia

What Toastmasters Clubs Have I Previously Been A Member Of?

Northern Gourmet - Kingsley, Western Australia

Currambine - Currambine, Western Australia

How Do You Find Out More About Toastmasters?

Check out the Toastmasters International website!

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Martin J O'Connor

In 2015, Martin was the District 17 Toastmasters Table Topics Champion and came third in 2014. He was in the District 17 final of the Humorous competition in 2015 and is in the District 17 final of the Evaluation competition in 2017. He is very proud to be a founding member of Competitive Speakers Perth Toastmasters club.