Vocal Projection & a tip from Jessie J

What Are Some Great Vocal Projection Tips?

Do you want to be heard, when you give a speech but conclude that no one is listening? Is it because you haven't yet worked out how to project your voice in a way that commands attention?

Today I'm going to be looking at three techniques that you can use to ensure your audience hears you. Check these out in today's blog!


Vocal Projection Tip #1 - Be Confident

How do you be confident when you feel nervous on stage? In short, fake it until you make it!

We do this by standing tall and puffing our chests out. If we look confident, our body is telling our brain to be confident. As a result, our vocal chords relax and open up, and we can project our voice.

Vocal Projection Tip #2 - Breathe Deeply

Breathe deeply before you start speaking. One of the most common reasons people don't project their voices and the audience can't hear them is that their vocal chords aren't relaxed. Breathing deeply helps you relax before you start speaking. Once this happens, the probability of successful vocal projection is far greater.

If you want to project your voice, breathe deeply before you speak!

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Vocal Projection Tip #3 - Jessie J's Tip

In between blind auditions on The Voice in Australia, Ronan Keating asked Jessie J what vocal projection exercises she practised. She responded by taking our a piece of A4 paper, holding it at arm's length flat against a wall. She then told him the challenge was to keep the page in the same position on the wall using only her breath to keep it there.

​It is challenging to do, but regardless of how successful you are, it is a great vocal warm up. It also helps you get used to the idea of taking in a full breath and filling your lungs with as much air as possible.

Practicing this before you speak helps your vocal projection.

Remind Me - What Are Those Tips Again?

  • Believe in yourself.  Be confident!
  • Breathe Deeply & relax!
  • Try Jessie J's vocal warm up.

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